Who We Are

Congress Clothing is a commitment to something bigger. We exist to serve people by providing quality clothing through which people can express themselves, and we happen to be partial to the really soft tee. We want to meet the need for casual clothing that makes a statement, starts a conversation, or supports a rad cause. We work toward being an active member of our community locally as well as globally through creative initiatives in our design. It’s our hope to connect people in the recognition that there is more to life than the individual.

WACO has grown into home for us, we started like many... "Waco sucks"... we were young and Austin was cool. Quick as an elf, we discovered that Waco is what you make of it. Waco is PEOPLE.  Waco is IDEAS.  Waco isFULL of WONDER.  This community we love. Together we can change the world.

Over the years we have given back in many ways.  Thanks to YOU, we have given back to Waco to enablePEOPLE, IDEAS & WONDER to grow. Let's continue this in 2016!  

Join our Waco family in forward progress in PEOPLE, IDEAS & WONDER.

More about some of our brands:


With every pair your purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need.  Read more here...  http://www.toms.com/blog/

Hole in the Roof

Hole in the Roof designs and prints almost all of our collegiate and non-name brand graphic tees as well as helps us out with all of our marketing and promotional needs.  See more about who they are and what all they do here ... www.holeintheroof.com